Paola Bortini

Find serenity in life – practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the capacity to intentionally direct our attention to the present moment and with a genuine curiosity.

The practice of mindfulness is a way to dedicate time and space to focus and rest our mind in our body. It provides us with the capacity to move from a reactive to responsive modus operandi, in spite of the distractions that can fill our daily life.

The cultivation of mindfulness practice supports life, in moments of difficulty as well as in moment of joy. It helps to navigate life with equanimity in the decision making processes, from the smallest to the big ones.

Adding to Mindfulness the practice of self-compassion means becoming able to get in touch with one’s emotions and needs and be able to take care of them. It is about discovering and cultivating the ability to be kind and compassionate to oneself.

Being able to treat oneself as kindly and lovingly as one treats one’s nearest and dearest is an absolutely essential skill for one’s own well-being and for being able to care for others.