Paola Bortini

Set yourself free

Set yourself free

Live your most powerful life

My contribution to the world wellbeing

The many experiences, ups and downs and error and trials have lead me to the person I am today. I have had and still have a life that I live fully, in harmony with my age ... and I happily share my knowledge and wisdom with you.

Trust nature – use pure Essential oils

NATURE was the first remedy to ACTIVATE the mind,
& HEAL the heart.

Find serenity in life – practice Mindfulness

The wish to have a serene life is in all of us.
The capacity to have a serene life is in all of us.
What it takes is to live the present moment.

Invest in the future – educate parents

Parents are the first educators and they need competences to accompany the love for their children.

Self-leadership – life journey

If you have the inner drive to empower yourself – I can show you the tools and the process.

Emotional empowerment

I help you recognize and release emotions using compassionate declarations, mindful visualizations, and essential oils.

I ask you questions and guide you through YOUR OWN DISCOVERY of what your emotions and your body are trying to tell you. I’m just a guide – you do the inner work.


My workshops, courses and coaching are supporting inner healing and self-leadership. They all integrate Mindfulness and Self-Compassion practices as well as the wisdom of pure essential oils.

What a shame!

Ein Workshop, der sich ausschließlich der Scham und dem wesentlichen Bedürfnis widmet, das sie erzeugt. 23.09.2023 von 9:00 bis 17:00 Studio Barada, Wien Das zentrale...
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Essential oils experience in the Menopause

2 hours long circle of women that wish to regain their own energy through story telling and with the support of pure essential oils; in...
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I am fabulous

2 hours long individual session for women that wish to break through emotional their limitations and set themselves free. We will be applying pure dōTERRA...
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Mindfulness in educational contexts

5 days long course addressed to educators to explore how Mindfulness and Self-compassion support the creation of quality time and resource educators and learners; in...
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Trust nature – use pure Essential oils

Nature has all the answers.

NATURE was the first remedy to ACTIVATE the mind, REGENERATE the body & HEAL the heart.

Essential oils are pure nature always with you.


Experiences and stories from the field.

Elsa Fauroz-Fouquet

My session with Paola allowed me to highlight a long standing issue,...
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Gabriele Bianchini

Deepening mindfulness and discovering self-compassion was a fundamental experience, also in relation...
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Maria Luisa Pagano

Before using essential oils I always had a light tiredness that I...
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Monica Mano

I'm glad I did it!!!! I was really undecided and prejudiced about...
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Beata Petes

Proposals never come by chance, they always make sense. It was a...
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Find serenity in life – practice Mindful self-compassion

Mindful self-compassion is the cultivated capacity to intentionally direct our attention to the present moment, with a genuine curiosity and a friendly attitude.

It is an absolutely essential skill for one’s own well-being and for being able to care for others.

Invest in the future – educate parents

The programme Mindful Compassionate Parenting supports learning how self-care is an added value, that leads to fulfilment, more serene relationship and joy in life.

It is actually the best gift that parents can give to their children.