Every story is special, every life is special

My story is not more special than yours.

I looked for and found good mentors on my path that supported me in making the change I needed in my professional life for finding greater meaning and fullfillment, independence and happiness. 

I have a great team that says that I am the  mentor they need. In a way the circle of giving and receiving is doing its job. Looking forward to become your mentor and to have you in my team.

More details about myself

For over 25 years I have been traveling the world offering advice and training with the aim of empowering and developing the potential of young people and educators. I have collaborated as a trainer and expert with the Council of Europe and the European Union, with private organizations and civil society. This rich international experience has made it increasingly evident the need to offer accessible ways to integrate body, mind and emotions, having as a reference the well-being of the individual and society.
In particular, in the last 10 years, I have dedicated myself to the study and practice of aromatherapy applied to Theory U and the processes of change based on Mindfulness and embodiment. 
I channeled my energies into studies and research on neuro-sciences and quantum physics and on how the latter bring a different perspective and give full meaning to the activities of coaching, mindfulness, aromatherapy, change management and social innovation that I offer around the world.
The Emotions Mentor certifications with Rebecca Lintze, Mindful Self-Compassion by Kris Germer and Kristin Neff, Mindful Compassionate Parenting with Jörg Mangold, .b Mindfulness in School, AromaTouch with dōTERRA, Social Presencing Theater with Arawana Hayashi, are added to the Way of Council courses with Marlow Hochkiss, Otto Scharmer's Theory U, Applied Aromatherapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Insight Dialogue by Kramer, and the Masters in Comparative European Social Sciences from London Metropolitan University. 
I have a great passion for what I do and I firmly believe in the energies that mankind can transmit and receive. I like being in contact with nature and talking with people. I am curious to know your story and to understand how my experience can help you become the person you really want to be. 
I live happily in Vienna with my husband Peter and our two sons Lucas and Simone, who are for me a source of inspiration and also a test for my ideas and projects. 
You can also find me on LIMINA which I founded with my husband when we moved to Vienna in 2008. Here you can find all our offers in German and English. We have also created a specific Mindfulness platform for parents in German and Italian. Together with some colleagues around Europe, I also founded a network of passionate leadership professionals who aim to activate the leadership potential that is present in each of us. Our inspiring theory is Otto Scharmer's Theory U which we combine with Mindfulness and a little bit of essential oils. Follow us on ALP
The passion for research on the role of emotions in the life of each of us led me to create emotion wise which aims to create a network with all those who believe in the regenerating power of certified essential oils. For now we are building the Italian emotion wise network and soon the emotion wise platform in English and German will also be ready.

become like a diamond

Let your light shine.
Make the best out of yourself.
Get more control over your life.
Take a step forward to a more conscious and fulfilling life.
Become able to use essential oils for feeling better and happier.
Gain time and money freedom.