If you want to get out of a state of tiredness and persistent stress, or you want to avoid getting sick, or you want to improve your general well-being, then rely on ZYTO, which uses bio-resonance to identify in a few minutes what is causing stress in your system and suggests which essential oils can help you to regain a state of well-being that is adequate for the emotional, physical and mental vitality needed to cope with everyday tasks.

It is important to evaluate the four basic body systems. The way these systems function - independently and interdependently - has a profound influence on your state of health. If one or more is compromised, the negative effects spill over to all other systems, creating a chain of events that can have a major impact on your overall health and well-being.

There are four body systems that are essential for maintaining health:
  • Detoxification system
  • Gastrointestinal system
  • Hormonal/Endocrine system
  • Immune system
If you are serious about preventing health problems or creating an environment in which the body can heal itself naturally, then you need to pay attention to these 4 body systems. Not doing so means you are cheating yourself.
A simple bio-communication scan with ZYTO can help you make informed decisions about your wellbeing by giving you an accurate reading directly from your body.

Make better decision for your well-being!
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ZYTO is a bio-communication system

Bio-communication is the science of communication within or between living species, including animals, plants, microorganisms and fungi. Bio-communication in terms of ZYTO technology, refers to communication between a machine and an individual. Nowadays, there are all kinds of devices that can measure various aspects of the human body, such as blood pressure monitors, electrocardiographs, thermometers, blood glucose monitors, and so on. These devices are like asking the body questions and then recording the answers. Although ZYTO is not a diagnostic tool like these devices just listed, it too asks the body "questions" and records the answers. Like these other measuring devices, a ZYTO bio-communication scan is technically a form of bio-feedback. The idea behind bio-feedback is that if you have a greater awareness of your physiological functions, you can manipulate and influence these functions in different ways. In other words, the more information you have about your body, the better decisions you will be able to make to influence your overall well-being. 

As a bio-feedback sensor, the ZYTO scanner is classified as an electro-dermograph. By measuring the skin of the hand, an electro-dermograph can measure the body's responses when unexpected stimuli are introduced. Skin resistance is a measure of the amount of opposition the skin encounters when a current is passed through it. This is also known as the   galvanic skin response, and this is the technology on which the ZYTO scanner is based. 
Electro-dermographs have traditionally been limited to detecting stress caused by psychological stimuli to help people manage their stress and anxiety levels through conscious means such as breathing deeply and concentrating on certain things. Through the galvanic skin response, ZYTO goes beyond this limited application of technology by introducing 'Virtual Items' into the body. Virtual items are digitally encoded representations of physical objects that cause stress to the body, but also representations of body systems as well as representations of objects used to balance the body, e.g. food supplements and essential oils. This application of technology was first pioneered by Dr. Reinhard Voll in the 1960s, and has now been made much easier and more accessible with the use of ZYTO hardware and software.
ZYTO: more information, more possibilities

ZYTO bio-communication technology provides you with a range of data and helps you to consider biologically coherent wellness options that you may not have thought of before. Because the data comes directly from your body, it is highly accurate and personalised. As you look at the data from the ZYTO Balance scan, important questions emerge that you never thought to ask yourself, giving you "aha" moments. 

What is the galvanic skin response and what does it measure?

The skin is a surprisingly versatile organ. Not only is it smooth and often beautiful to look at, but it also helps regulate many of the body's functions. It acts as a barrier against environmental hazards; it contains nerve cells that detect changes such as temperature and pressure; it can heal itself and (ideally) keeps the body at a constant temperature of 35.6 degrees. Furthermore, the skin responds to changes, or stimuli, in a way that can be accurately measured through the skin's galvanic response, revealing an incredible amount of information about an individual. 
Your skin, and much of the rest of your body, conducts electricity. If your body did not conduct electricity, touching a high-voltage fence or sticking a knife into an electrical socket would have no effect on you. We would not be alive without electricity because the body's functions are controlled by electrical signals. The skin in particular is a good conductor of electricity, so even a weak electrical signal introduced to the skin can be measured. By applying a constant, unperceived voltage level to the skin, we can obtain a basic reading of the skin's conductance. The basic reading of skin conductance is called tonic conductance. This level of conductance is different for everyone, but usually ranges from 10 to 50 very small units of conductance called micro-siemens. Tonic skin conductance levels also vary depending on a person's psychological state and self regulation at the time of measurement. While tonic skin conductance is a basic measurement, phasic changes in conductance are a result of the body's response to external stimuli. This increase in conductance from baseline can be observed shortly after the introduction of a subtle stimulus such as an odour, sound, image or question. Phasic changes can be observed when the sweat ducts of the skin fill up in response to a stimulus. After the sweat is deposited or absorbed by the skin, the conductance returns to tonic levels. According to the widely accepted Edelberg sweat circuit model, the magnitude of this increase can be measured by the amount of sweat and the number of activated sweat glands. 

Now that you know more about what the galvanic skin response is and how it can be measured, you may wonder why these measurements are important? 
To answer this question, let's take a closer look at our autonomic nervous system. 

The autonomic nervous system regulates a wide range of body functions, including: 
  • Heart rate 
  • Respiratory rate 
  • Digestion 
  • Waste elimination 
  • Fight or flight response 
  • Blood pressure 
  • Electrolyte balance 
  • Sexual response 
  • Body temperature 

The body largely manages these and other functions automatically. The autonomic nervous system is further divided into the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. 
The parasympathetic nervous system regulates the processes of 'rest and digestion' and 'feeding and reproduction', while the sympathetic system regulates functions such as blood pressure, heart rate and the galvanic skin response. 
By measuring the galvanic skin response (as well as other sympathetic responses), we can detect emotional arousal and even the level of excitement. This is significant because it is information taken directly from the body. Therefore, readings are an objective look at how we react to a given stimulus. 
Because our thoughts are filtered by our conscious mind, what we think may be happening in our body may not be accurate, and we may not be able to see the full picture. With the galvanic skin response, we can bypass the filters of our conscious mind and find out what the body is really trying to tell us with a high degree of accuracy. 
Perhaps the best known use of the galvanic skin response is the lie detector, which uses the galvanic skin response to find out how the body is really responding without our conscious filters getting in the way. The galvanic skin response is such a valuable way of observing how the body reacts to certain stimuli that it has been used in a wide variety of fields, including psychological research, psychotherapy but also by the media and for advertising tests, consumer neuroscience and health care.
How a ZYTO scan works?

Similar to truth and lie detection when connected to a lie detector, ZYTO's bio-communication technology can determine whether the body's response to a digital signature of a real stimulus (virtual object) is in range or out of range (and by how much) compared to the baseline reading. Digital signatures of specific products are posed as questions to the body, and the body responds directly through the galvanic skin response. Because the computer communicates directly with the body, subjectivity is eliminated. While ZYTO technology is not diagnostic, it provides a wealth of information that can be used to make better decisions for your well-being. 
Focusing on the virtual stressors that are out of reach, as well as the biologically coherent balancing virtual elements, can help you try to better manage your stress load and improve your overall well-being. 
The bio-communication technology uses the ZYTO Hand Cradle, a hand-shaped device you place your hand on, to collect readings of the galvanic skin response. The Hand Cradle offers a number of advantages, including: 
  • It was developed by energy medicine pioneer Dr. Vaughn R Cook, who has more than 30 years of clinical experience 
  • It has 6 large contact points to maximise accuracy (most devices only have 2 contact points) 
  • It is the only wellness scanner approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) 
  • Can quickly scan approximately 100 virtual objects per minute 
  • It is a powerful tool for addressing emotional, physical and mental wellbeing 
So you are no longer limited to subjective interpretation when making decisions that impact your wellbeing. 
And that's something to be excited about!

A ZYTO scan generates a comprehensive report that identifies which body systems are under the most stress and need your attention.
The scan is followed by an analysis of the proposed essential oils to bring your body back to homeostasis and identify your wellness priorities.
A session normally lasts about 45 minutes.

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