Essential oils experience in the Menopause

Essential oils experience in the Menopause

2 hours long circle of women that wish to regain their own energy through story telling and with the support of pure essential oils; in Vienna (Austria), 28 April 2023 at 18:00.

Background information

All women are well aware of the changes that happens during the menopause years and also in the years after, as consequence of the menopause.

Culturally we have been told this since our childhood.

We have been told to hide and feel ashamed of the changes, we have been told to simulate and find excuses with the underlying idea to pretend that this is not happening to me, especially not in moments that bring us into embarrassment.

This has resulted in believing that Menopause for women is unfortunate, that it takes away our power and our energy and that we have to accept as normal all the symptoms that have been for long described as part of the menopause.

However this is not fully the truth.

This is the reason I invite you to gather in a circle with other women that are starting to experience the menopause or are well into it. Does not matter how they feel about it. Each is welcome.

The circle of women invites to:

  • Share your story with other women and therefore sharing the common humanity that unites us
  • Recognise the behaviours that are connected with shame and the limiting beliefs you are holding on
  • Open up and find a new way to look at your experience so that you can move forward with greater joy
  • Discover ways to nourish your soul and body to regain your inner strength end free flow of energy
  • Have direct access and experience the immediate power of pure essential oils


I will be using pure essential oils that will applied on your body and put into water. For safety reasons I am only using dōTERRA essential oils. Oils will be provided, no need to bring them along.

The circle will be led based on the ancient tradition of gathering for story telling, in a non judgmental way, with compassionate listening to allow your authentic story to be a gift to everyone present.


I trust that you will find the correct amount that in this moment of your life is what you can give.