Bio-resonance with ZYTO

Bio-resonance with ZYTO

You know the questionnaire when you first go to a doctor?

This is a common way to collect important information about you and your health.
You can think of the ZYTO scan as a health questionnaire. Only these questions are not answered on paper, but collected directly from your body.

And this is how it works.

The ZYTO software presents various virtual elements that you can imagine as the questions of a questionnaire. These virtual items are digital representations of biomarkers such as body systems and emotions, as well as balancing items such as nutritional supplements and essential oils. During the scanning process, ZYTO measures very subtle changes in the electrical properties of your skin as each virtual item is introduced. These changes, known as galvanic skin responses, are analysed using ZYTO’s proprietary algorithm. After scanning, your responses are displayed in a detailed report designed to help you look at your wellbeing from three important perspectives: energetic, functional and emotional. We call this the ZYTO Wellness Triad because each area depends on the other to support and maintain overall wellbeing. Therefore, it is important to consider how each of your answers relates to and interacts with these three areas.

Just like a questionnaire, the ZYTO scan is for information and is not a medical diagnosis, and the balancers are not to be considered a medical treatment.

Instead, you can use the final report produced by ZYTO to see which areas currently benefit most from support and attention, and what balancing measures might be appropriate. A holistic view of your body’s unique energetic properties allows you to make regular, individualised decisions for your wellbeing. As your answers to each questionnaire may change over time, it is important to repeat the scan regularly to assess your current biological coherence. Combined with our advice and experience, the ZYTO scan helps you to focus on the most important features of your body and to look at your answers from a holistic perspective.

By using this individual information for your wellbeing, you can discover new pathways to increased wellbeing in your life.

Now you may be asking yourself: but how do I get a scan with ZYTO?

Just contact Paola to make an appointment.