pure essential oils 

in nature there is knowing and desire to heal


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Over the years, I have learnt to appreciate more and more the power of nature based solutions. For my health and the environment.

I have learnt that in nature there is knowing and desire to help and heal. Nature has a power greater than us. Nature knows what's needed for our body, heart and mind.

I am happy to guide you in learning how to safely use pure essential oils - my preferred nature based solution for better living and fostering wellbeing.

"let the food be your medicine, let your medicine be the food"

So Hippocrates already said already 2000 years ago and it is still a valid suggestion. Essential oils combined with a proper nutrition are a sustainable support for health and happiness.

Pure essential oils

If you have once smelled a rose, then you already had an experience of essential oils. The aromatic compounds are in seeds, bark, roots, flowers, leaves and other parts. Essential oils protect the plants and give them the perfume that makes them unique. Essential oils can be used for a huge variety of applications for the physical and emotional well-being - a valid alternative to traditional remedies.

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