I am fabulous

I am fabulous

2 hours long individual session for women that wish to break through emotional their limitations and set themselves free. We will be applying pure dōTERRA essential oils; only with appointment.

Background information

There are so many imposed beliefs that are limiting the possibility for women to live free and to truly fulfil their most sacred wishes.

One of the most devastating emotion is shame and it is rooted in the belief that we are not enough, that we do not deserve to be loved, seen, appreciated.

However, as Marianne Williamson says “who are you not to be brilliant,

The workshop invites to:

  • Address the underlying emotions that are connected with shame and the limiting beliefs you are holding on
  • Open up and clear the inner space from the negative attachments that are not allowing you to move forward
  • Nourish your real self with elevated emotions and beliefs that nurture your potential
  • Integrate the learning into your daily life
  • Use the power of essential oils for healing and transformation


The workshop will be using the transformational power of dōTERRA pure essential oils applied on your body based on the principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine aiming at supporting free flow of energy.

The application of the oils will be guided and presented in order to provide you a reference framework and clarity of purpose.


The individual session costs 130 euros.